The project in Multan

The current fiscal year we are developing a programme in the Multan Diocese, Pakistan. The Sisters of the Union of St Catherine of Sienna School Missionaries have seven schools in the poorer districts of the city. Out of the total of 1652 students, 974 pay full fees and 684 pay no fees or reduced fees. Two schools have fees of $10/$12 pm and the rest $5 pm. The schools have 96 teachers and 27 support staff.

The schools are lacking in basic necessities and have requested funding for the following:

1. Tables, chairs, cupboards, sofas: 929 Cost: $ 31,000
2. Computers, Printers, Multimedia 45 Cost: $ 12,000
3. Uniforms 400 Cost:$ 3,000

TOTAL $46,000

Classroom Furniture
Sofa Cupboard