MLF has just filed its annual report. It continues to expand schools in Pakistan, repair and refurbish existing institutions. The foundation has also funded the purchase of 10,000 pounds of potatoes for a food bank in Quebec to meet a local need. The details are in the link below.

What's new

Annual Report for 2024 St. Paul's Girls High School, Nasrat Colony, Faisalabad, Pakistan St. Anthony's High School expands in Gamber, Pakistan An update from St. Mary’s Convent Schools & Sacred Heart Girls High School, Multan, Pakistan A visit to projects in Pakistan

About the Foundation

The Mary Leonora Foundation offers access to schools and universities to children who do not have the means or opportunities for an education. We advise our volunteers to seek out children in villages and low income areas and convince their parents to send them to school, and the foundation pays the fees.
The Mary Leonora Foundation is a registered charity under the Charities Act of Canada. The charity was registered effective June 10, 2011.
We have concentrated our programmes in India and Pakistan.